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Celebrating 70 years of the biggest classical musician in the world
Album 'Happy Days Deluxe CD+DVD' features 20 of the world's most famous celebratory songs
Alongside the album a special DVD including exclusive behind the scenes footage and of course a lot of music!

The legendary André Rieu will celebrate his milestone 70th birthday in 2019 with the album Happy Days, full of fittingly celebrational classics from the course of his remarkable career.

Fans can look forward to joyful hits like Eviva España,  Paloma Blanca, Mexico, and title-track Happy Days Are Here Again, as well as celebrations of romance such as the world famous Second Waltz, which marked André Rieu’s breakthrough in 1994.

Happy Days is also an homage to Vienna, the city that played the most important role in Rieu’s career. The King of Waltz will take you back to the Golden Age of Operetta with beautiful waltzes, lively polkas and jauntily can cans from The White Horse Inn, The Merry Widow, The Gypsy Princess or Countess Maritza – an unforgettable journey back in time to a world of amusement, champagne and love.

On his album and celebrating his 70th birthday with his fans, André Rieu says:
I believe that the real art is to give every single audience-member, although I play for over half a million people in a year, the feeling that I play only for them alone. This album is cheerful, festive, and humorous, but at the same time very romantic. With this record I hope to pass on my joy of life that I feel daily to everybody in the whole world. I heartily invite you to celebrate love and life with me.”

Through an incredible life with unparalleled achievement, the world-renowned violinist Rieu is the biggest Classical Music artist in the world right now. With over 40 million records sold worldwide, and selling over 600,000 tickets each year – not to mention becoming the biggest cinema music concert event of all time – it’s no wonder he has been dubbed ‘the maestro of the masses’ by the New York Times.

Happy Days - André Rieu’s personal celebration to life.


  1. Second Waltz
  2. Tritsch Tratsch Polka
  3. Griechischer Wein
  4. Ob blond, ob braun
  5. Medley from The Merry Widow
  6. Happy Days Are Here Again
  7. Amigos Para Siempre
  8. Im Weissen Rössl
  9. Viva España
  10. Heut’ kommen d’Engerln auf Urlaub nach Wien
  11. I Could Have Danced All Night (from My Fair Lady)
  12. With A Little Bit Of Luck (from My Fair Lady)
  13. Ganz ohne Weiber geht die Chose nicht
  14. Buglers Holiday
  15. Those Were The Days
  16. Paloma Blanca
  17. Die Mädis vom Chantant (from The Gypsy Princess)
  18. Komm Zigany, Csardas (from Countess Maritza)
  19. Mexico
  20. Adieu, mein kleiner Gardeoffizier
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